Welcome to Schaffer Custom Pool Services, a family owned and operated pool & spa service company, serving the greater St. Louis Area. If this is your first visit, please take the chance to browse our website and see what we're all about!

As of Summer 2024, we are no longer accepting new customers. But we're not going anywhere! After ten years of working double overtime to serve any and all customers, we have scaled back to a one-man operation so that we can spend more of our time with family and dear friends. 

If you're a new customer and you found your way to us and don't know where to go next, feel free to call or e-mail and we'll do our best to refer you to other pool technicians in the area. 

Due to inflation and supply interruptions/shortages, we have no choice but to increase our prices accordingly. However, we are not increasing all prices across the board; only those items which have been affected. Please refer to our Services page, as pricing and details have changed. Thank you! 

"New to pool ownership in 2014, we discovered Schaffer Pool through word-of-mouth referral, and we have not been disappointed. Maintenance of our system has not been without its challenges, starting with a virtual mudslide into our pool due to torrential rain on opening day in Spring 2015. Mike and his team diligently worked to make the best of a bad situation; particularly as our pool has a vinyl liner and therefore could not simply be drained and refilled. The Schaffer team worked diligently, even hand-porting water and debris in order to restore our pool to crystal clean balance. The team patiently educated us throughout the season on maintenance, care and the occasional repair -- all at a great value for the market. Mike and his team provide consistent, quality service and I not only value them; I trust them.

As a professional realtor, referring Schaffer Pool to clients is not only putting Schaffer's reputation on the line, it's putting mine on the line as well. That's not something I take lightly! I wouldn't hesitate to refer friends, neighbors or clients to Schaffer Pool."

-Julie Novak